Property Sardinia : 434 houses and apartments for sale (2024)

Property Sardinia : 434 houses and apartments for sale (1)

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Property Sardinia : 434 houses and apartments for sale (2)

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434 houses and apartments for sale

Property Sardinia : 434 houses and apartments for sale (4)

Property Provincia di Cagliari Property Carbonia-Iglesias Property Medio Campidano Property Provincia di Nuoro Property Ogliastra Property Olbia-Tempio Property Provincia di Oristano Property Provincia di Sassari

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950,000 € Purchase: House (07026) 250 7 Contact
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Property Sardinia : 434 houses and apartments for sale (12)

Property in Sardinia

Property in Sardinia

Bay of Cala Corsara, SardiniaCan we talk of THE Sardinia?Because there are in effect, 2 Sardinias, 2 different universes united on a single island.There is inland Sardinia, timeless, with its harsh landscapes, wild mountains and valleys, cork oak forests and centuries-old olive trees.And then there is coastal Sardinia ,with seaside resorts, the blue of the sky and sea, enchanting beaches and infinite possibilities for activities and entertainment.Essentially, two opposing worlds that have one thing in common: fidelity to traditions, the most sacred of which is hospitality.For here hospitality comes naturally.If this duality and a sincere welcome seduce you, take a look at the real estate of Sardinia.You'll find many properties for sale, plots of land, apartments or houses, including some at unbeatable prices.

  • Olbia-Tempio
  • Provincia di Cagliari
  • Provincia di Nuoro
  • Provincia di Sassari
  • Provincia di Oristano

Olbia-Tempio Property

Olbia-Tempio is a spectacular Mediterranean coastal town in Northwest Sardinia, Italy. With its crystal clear waters, miles of sandy beaches, and quaint ancient villages, it’s no surprise Olbia-Tempio makes an excellent real estate investment option. Whether you’re looking for modern properties with sea views or traditional homes nestled in the hillsides of the region's old towns, there are plenty of options to choose from. Explore the variety of real estate opportunities in Olbia-Tempio today and discover why this gorgeous city is one of Italy’s hidden gems!

Apartments and houses for sale in Olbia-Tempio

Property Sardinia : 434 houses and apartments for sale (13)

Provincia di Cagliari Property

The beautiful city of Provincia di Cagliari in Italy is a great place to move to for anyone looking for an exciting new home. The region offers amazing Mediterranean coastal views, plenty of delicious food and wine options, friendly locals, and stunning historical landmarks. From luxury villas with pool access overlooking the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea to luxurious apartments with stunning terraces near the heart of the city – Provincia di Cagliari has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for beachfront apartments or rural mountain cabins, you will find your dream property here in Province di Cagliari! With gorgeous scenery and access to all major highways leading from Barcelona airport this corner of Italy truly is an ideal choice for those seeking that perfect Italian escape that blends nature with culture. Investing in real estate here promises great returns as it continues to be one of the most desirable areas on offer.

Apartments and houses for sale in Provincia di Cagliari

Property Sardinia : 434 houses and apartments for sale (14)

Provincia di Nuoro Property

Provincia di Nuoro, located in Sardinia's beautiful island of Italy, is a perfect choice for those looking to invest in real estate. Offering stunning landscapes and majestic views, this area offers plenty of opportunities for any future owner. From the mountains to the turquoise sea, there are a variety of properties ranging from traditional villas with private gardens to luxury apartments overlooking breathtaking vistas. Investing in Provincia di Nuoro will provide potential owners with a tranquil atmosphere whilst also providing them access to all the necessary amenities such as shops and entertainment venues. Whether you're looking for family living or retirement getaways – Provincia di Nuoro has something for everyone!

Apartments and houses for sale in Provincia di Nuoro

Property Sardinia : 434 houses and apartments for sale (15)

Provincia di Sassari Property

Discover Provincia di Sassari, an Italian province located in the north of Sardinia. This picturesque region offers a variety of attractions for visitors and locals alike including stunning beaches, scenic hiking trails, renowned wine estates and delicious restaurants serving traditional Sardinian dishes. The capital city Alghero is known for its spectacular coastline, stunning architecture, vibrant cultural life and great shopping opportunities. There are also many small towns to explore from Castelsardo to Bosa that showcase a unique blend of history and modernity. Whether you are looking to buy or rent real estate here in Provincia di Sassari you will find something special with plenty of options available ranging from apartments to villas or even country houses; the choice is yours!

Apartments and houses for sale in Provincia di Sassari

Property Sardinia : 434 houses and apartments for sale (16)

Provincia di Oristano Property

Provincia di Oristano is situated on the Mediterranean coast of Italy, in the autonomous region of Sardinia. It is known as a paradise for tourists, featuring breathtaking views and stunning beaches with crystal clear waters. The area has an abundance of activities to offer such as swimming, sailing, fishing, and exploring archaeological sites. For nature lovers there are many walking trails that take you through areas full of lush vegetation and wildlife. Real estate in Provincia di Oristano provides beautiful homes with amazing vistas over the surroundings countryside and close proximity to all amenities and recreational activities that this stunning location can offer. Whether it's a seaside getaway or dream villa near the beach you are looking for, Provincia di Oristano has something for everyone!

Apartments and houses for sale in Provincia di Oristano

Property Sardinia : 434 houses and apartments for sale (17)

  • Land
  • Houses with gardens
  • Houses with garages
  • Apartments with a balcony
  • House with a pool
  • Countryside house
  • Apartments

Sardinia Land

Explore the stunning beauty of land in Sardinia, Italy. Enjoy rich Italian culture and history all nestled amongst miles of picturesque landscapes. Ideal for vacation homes or simply as an investment, plots of land in Sardinia offer beautiful views to be enjoyed by every visitor. From sprawling agricultural fields to rolling hills and crystal clear waters just steps away, you can find your dream piece of paradise here in this Mediterranean paradise. With a wide variety of sizes available from small gardens to larger lots with room for expansion, you’ll find that investing in land in Sardinia is more than worth it. Start searching today for your perfect piece of seaside real estate!

Land for sale Sardinia

Sardinia Houses with garden

Explore the beautiful Island of Sardinia and find your dream home with a garden. This Mediterranean paradise offers plenty of cozy, family-friendly properties complete with stunning green spaces for your outdoor activities. Whether you're a beach lover or an art enthusiast, you can discover numerous options to enjoy the Italian lifestyle while also taking in stunning views. Proximity to local farms and vineyards add to the charm of living here, making it ideal for those who appreciate good produce too! Secure your perfect house with garden today and don't miss out on this unique opportunity!

Houses with gardens for sale Sardinia

Sardinia Houses with parking

Looking for a house with a garage in Italy? Look no further than Sardinia! Whether you're seeking an independent villa, an apartment within a condominium complex or any other type of housing option that features a garage, Sardinia has something for everyone. From picturesque coastal cities to hilltop villages clinging to age-old traditions, this beautiful Italian island is sure to offer the perfect property with garage that you've been dreaming of. With its spectacular natural beauty and vibrant culture just waiting to be enjoyed, owning your own home here will make you feel like part of the family. Come discover why so many people are falling in love with real estate on this gorgeous Mediterranean island.

Houses with garages for sale Sardinia

Sardinia Apartments with balcony

Sardinia is one of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations, and the perfect spot to find a home with a balcony! The island boasts stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea that can only be appreciated from the comfort of your own private balcony. With gorgeous weather year-round, you'll love spending time outdoors on those warm summer days or gazing up at the stars while cozied up on your own outdoor terrace. Invest in a stylish apartment with balcony in Sardinia and you will always have access to fresh air and amazing views. From expansive panoramic balconies with mountain or sea vistas, to cozy little outdoor spots for two, there's something for everyone here - start browsing apartments today!

Apartments with balconies for sale Sardinia

Sardinia Houses with pool

Live a dream life in a villa with swimming pool in Sardinia, Italy. Just imagine yourself lounging by the side of your private pool on sunny days, and having refreshing dips when the heat is high. Enjoy stunning views from your terrace and living room, as well as spending quality time with loved ones in your back garden. Feel close to nature while being conveniently located near shops and restaurants – perfect for family holidays or romantic getaways! Whether you’re looking for an investment property or a new home to call your own, houses with swimming pools in Sardinia are ideal for all types of buyers. Start searching today to enjoy luxurious Mediterranean living!

Houses with swimming pools for sale Sardinia

Sardinia Country houses

Sardinia is a wonderful destination for rural living! Located in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Italy, it offers stunning scenery and pleasant temperatures year-round. This idyllic Italian island boasts incredible landscapes where you can find a wide range of peaceful rural homes available for sale. From small cozy cottages to traditional farmhouses with plenty of land, there is something to suit everyone's taste in Sardinia. With its beautiful beaches and mountainside views, this Italian paradise provides an ideal spot for relaxing countryside retreats – just perfect for anyone looking for an escape from urban life.

Country houses for sale Sardinia

Sardinia Apartments

Experience the perfect balance of charm and relaxation when you stay in a Sardinian apartment. Located on the beautiful island of Italy’s Tyrrhenian Sea, our cozy Sardinian apartments offer stunning views of gorgeous terrains. Discover a tranquil lifestyle with state-of-the-art amenities & modern furnishings that cater to every comfort need to make your stay enjoyable. From homey marble kitchens & spacious balconies to waterfront locations, all our apartments are designed with luxury & privacy in mind. Whether you want an extended vacation or just passing through, find your ideal sanctuary here with us in Sardinia!

Apartments for sale Sardinia

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Property Sardinia : 434 houses and apartments for sale (2024)
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