The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas - The Party Inspo (2024)

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A Bluey birthday party is one of the best themes for a kid’s birthday party and the following Bluey Birthday Party Ideas won’t disappoint.

My nephew is a giant Bluey fan. Everything he owns is Bluey-themed; even his sippy cups have to be Bluey. The cutest part is that he thinks Bluey is his grandma’s dog. He always points at the screen and yells the other dog’s name. So, it should come as no surprise that he wanted a Bluey-themed birthday party when he turned 2.

Being the family’s resident event planner (having 10+ years of professional experience means I love volunteering to plan parties), I naturally got to plan this adorable party. I can’t wait to share my nephew’s favorite Bluey Birthday Party Ideas.

Bottom Line Up Front

There are so many Bluey party ideas that make for the perfect Bluey birthday. If you are planning a birthday celebration for a kid who loves Bluey, then this is undoubtedly an excellent theme for your party.

I have to say my favorite of the options is the party game Dance mode. This game entertained the kids for a surprisingly long time and made everyone giggle and smile the entire time. Read on for the hilarity that ensured thanks to this game.

That said, you can’t go wrong with the following Bluey Birthday party ideas.

Things to Consider

There are a few things you need to consider when planning a Bluey Birthday Party.

The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas - The Party Inspo (3)

Size of the Party

One thing to consider is the size of the party. How many kids do you plan to invite? How many parents, siblings, and family members will want to attend? Will you require the parents of little ones to participate in the activities actively? Think this through and then come up with a rough estimate of how many people you hope to invite. This number will help you plan where you want to hold the party (i.e., somewhere large enough to hold the guests comfortably). It’ll also help you determine quantities of supplies.

Age Range of Attendees

Another thing to consider is the attendees’ ages. A party for a group of 2-year-olds has different considerations than a group of 8-year-olds. Make sure the party activities and goodies are appropriate for the dominant age range of your child’s guests.

Length of Party

Decide the length of the party relatively early on in planning. It should accommodate attention spans, activities you want to accomplish, and your patience level. The length of time is entirely up to you; just make sure it matches your needs and your guests’ needs.


Establishing your budget a great way to keep control of your spending throughout the planning process. That way, you can adjust your plans based on price. Don’t want to spend too much? Keep the party on the smaller side and do a few DIY projects. Not worried about the cost? Then don’t hold back on inviting guests or purchasing supplies.


One final thing to determine is the timing of the party. Select the specific date (typically a weekend day closest to the birthday) and the time of day. Knowing the specific date can also help dictate the party’s location. For example, when planning a kid’s party in May, I plan for an outdoor party with a rain backup. When I’m planning a December birthday party, it will be indoors and likely midday. Knowing this information will also help you pick out locations, book services, and make sure to order items in time.

Now that we have the basics of the party down, we can start deciding which Bluey party ideas are best for your Bluey birthday party.

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My Selection Criteria

The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas - The Party Inspo (4)

Before diving into the list of Bluey birthday party ideas, I want to share how I selected the best of the best. My selection criteria included:

Readily available supplies

I needed to make sure that the supplies were available easily, so I gave preference to stores with nearby locations. The reasoning was that we needed to find things that could be easily replaced if my nephew discovered the supplies before the party. We knew if he saw them, he’d get so excited he’d want to use them right then and there.

On a budget

The party ideas included below are perfect if you are on a budget. Each idea has a low cost per item, and the overall total won’t break the bank.

Super fans like my nephew would approve

The ultimate selection criteria was that young fans of Bluey would eagerly approve of the following party ideas. Anyone who has tried to please a picky two-year-old knows that getting it right can be elusive, even for a professional event planner! The ideas below come with a stamp of approval from at least one 2-year-old and this event planner. In other words, they are solid party ideas.

The Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas

To create the ultimate Bluey Birthday party, I included the following ideas to encompass everything from food, decorations, and activities. That way, you can work Bluey-themed ideas into every part of the party.

Mini Cupcakes

The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas - The Party Inspo (5)

Cupcake Ring

The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas - The Party Inspo (6)

Small kids call for mini cupcakes. They keep kids from making as much of a mess while still providing them the joy of cupcakes. I highly recommend decorating the cupcakes with Bluey-themed cupcake rings. Not only do they feature the Bluey characters, but the kids can then wear them afterward.

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Yes/No Biscuits (aka Cookies)

The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas - The Party Inspo (7)

Since Bluey is from Australia, it shouldn’t be surprising that I refer to these as biscuits. For fellow Americans, biscuits are the same as our cookies.

If you haven’t watched the series on repeat, let me fill you in on the reference. There is a yes/no button in the “dance mode” episode. These cookies resemble that button. You can see the official recipe on theBluey.tvwebsite here:

Duck Cake

The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas - The Party Inspo (8)

In one of the episodes, Bandit (Bluey’s dad) makes a Duck Cake for Bingo’s birthday. It’d be an eye-catching addition to your Bluey themed party. While we didn’t have this for our nephew’s party, we did have it for family dinner on his proper birthday. It took a lot of work to create, but the look on his face was worth it. Alternatively, you’ll likely be able to find a local baker who can recreate it.

Fairy Bread

The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas - The Party Inspo (9)

Okay, so my adding Fairy Bread on the list is less about a specific Bluey episode and more about Australian kids’ food. My cousins grew up in Australia, so I jumped at the opportunity to use Bluey’s Australian roots as a reason to include this tasty treat. For those who aren’t familiar, fairy bread is a slice of white bread with butter and sprinkles on top. My cousins would argue it has to be the little round rainbow sprinkles, but I’ve seen plenty of variations over the years.

Table Set-up/Dinnerware

The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas - The Party Inspo (10)

A blue and orange theme is the best color combination for a Bluey Birthday party. It will be sure to go with any of your other decorations and will match Bluey and Bingo’s colors.

Themed plates, cups, napkins, and tablecloths are a great way to go too. They are easy to find almost anywhere you get party supplies, including major retailers.

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The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas - The Party Inspo (11)

Bluey Balloons

Nothing says a Bluey birthday party like Bluey balloons. You can either purchase one of the numerous options at your preferred retailer or DIY your Bluey balloons. For my nephew’s birthday, we used a few of each.

The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas - The Party Inspo (12)

First, let’s talk about the pre-made balloon options. You can do regularly shaped balloons with printed designs, balloons in the shape of your favorite Bluey characters, or even a combination of both.

The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas - The Party Inspo (13)

In terms of DIY, there is a cute, easy option. You can buy solid color balloons and then use a template and instructions fromBluey.tvto create your own Bluey and Bingo balloons. Here are the templates and instructions: on the kids, you could even try the balloon craft as a party activity.

Scavenger Hunt

The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas - The Party Inspo (14)

My nephew can’t sit still (can any two-year-old?), so I knew we needed an active game to entertain the kids. I landed on a Bluey-themed scavenger hunt. It was based on Bluey episodes and occupied the group for nearly 10 minutes (a huge win, in my opinion).

Keepy Uppy (aka Balloon toss)

The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas - The Party Inspo (15)

One of my nephew’s favorite episodes involves Bluey and his family playing with a balloon; they are trying to keep it in the air and prevent it from touching the ground. They call the game “keepy uppy.” Naturally, we included this game at the birthday party and used a Bluey-themed balloon. The kids loved it!

Dance Mode

The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas - The Party Inspo (16)

Dance mode is another cute way to recall the Bluey episodes while keeping kids moving. Tell the kids they are allowed to call “dance mode” on anyone. Then that person has to dance for 15-30 seconds. It seems to get lots of laughs and giant smiles.

Bluey Goodie Bags

Favor Bag

The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas - The Party Inspo (17)

Keepy Uppy balloon By Etsy shop: KatCanMakeThat

The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas - The Party Inspo (18)

Bum worms

The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas - The Party Inspo (19)

Feather Wand

The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas - The Party Inspo (20)

You can keep the party going by sending guests home with a Bluey-themed goodie bag. I recommend checking out the official DIY favor bags from and then stuffing them with a selection of episode-inspired trinkets. For example, the Keepy Uppy balloon (deflated, of course) would be a reminder of the fun party activities, or the Yes/No button would remind them of the tasty cookies. At my nephew’s request, we also included a package of “bum worms” (gummy worms) in our goodie bags. I recognize that could be a turn-off for some adults, but I assure you all the little Bluey fans giggled at them. They were also big fans of the feather wand we included.


Question: My toddler is picky and changes their mind; how can I ensure they love the party?

Answer: Pleasing a toddler isn’t always easy, but I have an approach to suggest. It worked for my nephew and might for you as well (depending on your child’s temperament). The idea is to include them in the process and ask them to choose what they want. That way, you know they at least like it at that exact moment. To combat the issue of an ever-changing mind, I suggest waiting until reasonably close to the party to give them a choice. That leads me to the second suggestion. You can make it easier by buying or making some supplies ahead of time. Then much closer to the party, allow your child to pick one or two things for the party (preferably the things that don’t require lead time). That way, there is a smaller time window for them to change their minds. All that said, there is a way to tell if it is a reasonable bet. If they’ve loved Bluey for months/years, that is probably the safest bet you can make.

Question: How long do I need for each activity?

Answer: Timing ultimately depends on the kids. I know that’s not what you want to hear, but you know it’s true. It also depends on the day. I’ve entertained my nephew with Keepy Uppy for nearly half an hour before, and other times the game lasts about 1.3 seconds. With that caveat out of the way, let me tell you how long we played each activity with a group of two-year-olds.

My nephew’s friends took a surprising 10 minutes to complete the scavenger hunt during the party. I should mention that they spent a significant amount of that time looking at a frog they discovered. The actual collecting of items took about 5 minutes. All this to say, plan for 5-15 minutes to allow for all variations of speed and interest.

The Keepy Uppy game was a solid 15 minutes at this party. They had some help from the adults to make sure it stayed in the air, or sometimes adults would introduce a second balloon if need be (usually just as the first one was about to go into a tree and pop). This technique distracted the kids enough and encouraged them to keep playing.

As for Dance Mode, we explained that game early on and ensured everyone got a chance to try it. It was about 5 minutes of explanation (aka demonstration). The game continued sporadically throughout the entire party, even as one kid was walking out to his mom’s car.

Question: I want to watch some of these episodes again for party inspiration. Where can I do that?

Answer: I typically watch Bluey with my nephew on Disney+. However, I utilized the episodes posted on pbs.organd in preparation for his party. If you know the episode’s name, you can also usually find them on YouTube.


These Bluey birthday party ideas are adorable and perfect for any kid who loves Bluey. I know my nephew LOVED these party ideas, so I’m betting you also can’t go wrong with these fun Bluey Birthday party ideas.

Of all the suggestions above, I hands down recommend the Dance Mode party game. It was a giant hit with the kids and put smiles on everyone’s faces.

Having a Bluey party of your own? I’d love to hear which Bluey birthday party ideas you chose!

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The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas - The Party Inspo (2024)
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